Accountancy Services

How much easier would your life be if you could hand the hard work of your business finances and accounts over to a professional?

It would leave you free to get on with more important matters, such as growing your business and making a profit.

This is what Brown & Lough Accountants Ltd is here for. We are here to help make your life easier.

Annual Accounts

We prepare accounts for self employed, partnerships and Limited Companies. Although you need to have them prepared for government bodies and often also your bank, they are most needed for yourself. They give you a window into your business. We help you to understand what they can tell you. You can then act quickly to take advantage of opportunities or avoid risks and pitfalls.

Management Accounts

These can be requested by a bank. If something concerns you, then you may want extra information during the year.

A simple set of management accounts or balance sheet can be a really useful tool for tax planning before your business year end. It helps you see the tax effects from buying new machinery or replacing that vehicle.

Annual Tax Returns

We prepare tax returns for the individual, self employed, partnerships and Limited companies. Every client has different circumstances and we look at how the different reliefs and regulations effect you.

Time limits

It is crucial to submit forms on time. We watch out for the deadlines that affect you. No one wants to pay heavy fines that can run into the thousands for the ordinary small business.

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